Caroline Sanders

PO Box 568
Mitcham SA 5062

ABN: 70 192 845 166

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Eiffel tower with a tree in the foreground - a French symbolUnsplash Ivanna Salgado
Address notebooks - ContactsRichard Revel - Pexels
a laptop, a notebook, a pen and a mobile phone - ready to workPexels
a cup of coffee, a laptop and taking notesPixabay
10 coloured figures above the writing teamworkPixabay Geralt
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casual meeting with coffee and tea, discussing, taking notes, laptopPexels
black and white Eiffel tower from underPixabay Meitzke
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Pixabay Geralt
Pixabay Edar
Pixabay Geralt
Pixabay Edar
Michael Sanders
Website on laptopPhoto by
An eye for details is very useful for legal translationsUnsplash Mari Helin-Tuominen
Paris in FrancePexels
portrait-Caroline-SandersCaroline Sanders
business-contract-penPixabay Edar
Translating your marketing documents into FrenchPexels
translating your legal and marketing documents into FrenchCaroline Sanders