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I can copyedit the French text you have written.
I can also help you improve your written French

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French Copyediting

You are not a French native and you write in French? Or maybe you are a French native, but you’ve been living in Australia for a while, and are unsure about the flow and correction of your French text? Or you would just like to have another pair of eyes peruse this French text. What I do is make sure that your text “sounds French”, that it flows, and that the grammar and spelling are correct.

I deliver the result in a Word document with revision marks and some comments if needed. However, please let me know if you have other requests as I adapt my services to my clients’ needs.

I can also verify the French version of your website. I can proofread your website and check that the French translation has been transferred correctly during the uploading process. Things can go wrong at that stage and we can’t expect your website designer to catch mistakes linked to the French language.


To get a written quote, please email me the document to copyedit in French. It is important to let me know what you need and how the French text is going to be used. Is it going to be sent to your clients, partners, contacts? Is it informal? Does it have any marketing or legal value? It is important to start on the same page to make sure that my service meets your needs.

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You Can Improve Your Written French

Do you love the French language? Do you want to improve your written French?

Do you get frustrated at always making the same mistakes? Do you have the feeling you’re not progressing as you would like to?

French is my native language, and I can’t help loving it. Even more so since I’ve been living away from France. I am a French translator living in Australia, and I work with both languages on a daily basis. Let me know what you want to achieve, and we’ll come up with a customised service.

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I would like to express my gratitude for your service and professionalism! The letter I sent you was copy-edited in a very fast and accurate way and I am really pleased with the result. I also found really helpful receiving separately your notes and comments, as it gave me the chance to learn from my mistakes. It has been a pleasure for me to deal with you!

Matteo Marangon

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I am French, a NAATI-certified translator, a member of the Australian Institute for Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT), and I have been living in South Australia since 2002. You can find more information about me here.

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