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English-to-French translations • French copy-editing • Tutoring

Building bridges between Australia and France

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Translating your message into French

Translation of Australian legal documents into French

Certified translations: from English to French

Translations for information: English <> French

French copy-editing

Tutoring to help improve your written French

Services fit for purpose delivered with care

Qualifications & Reliability • Peace of mind


There is a short description of each service on the Home page, and more information on each Service subpage. My credentials are listed on the About page. 

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Your message in written French

Translation of Australian legal documents into French

Certified translations from English into French


Translations for information English <> French


French copy-editing

Tutoring to improve your written French


people and businesses who want to connect with their French audience,

legal practitioners who need French translations

for the French judiciary, for a notary, for customers, or for French legal practitioners,

Delivering NAATI-certified translations from English to French when needed

Caring for your French audience.

Do you want to improve your written French?

I am interested in people, their stories, their projets, their dreams,

And I like to help them move toward their goals.

Sensitive to the issues that we currently face on a global level,

I have developed an interest in…

holistic well-being, organic cosmetics, aromatherapy,

yoga, mindful working, transpersonal development,



permaculture, wine,

sustainable tourism and lifestyle,

and anything that can help us enjoy a fulfilled life,

find and express our own voices

while caring for our planet.

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