Caroline Sanders

English-to-French Translations (marketing • legal • certified) & French Copyediting

Building bridges between Australia and France

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Your message in written French: Translations for Publication (marketing, editorial)

I translate your message into French so that your audience can read it in their native language. Why? To smooth out the reading process, and to make sure they don’t misunderstand nuances without realising it.


Translation of Australian legal documents into French

I translate Australian legal documents into French for legal practitioners, small businesses and individuals.

I have studied English-to-French legal translation formally, I am French, I have been living in South Australia since 2002, and I am a NAATI-certified professional translator.

Certified translations from English to French

When you need a visa, want to study, or buy a property in France, the French administration or your contacts may require certified translations of personal documents, contracts, or diplomas for example. This is also the case for family law documents involving French nationals, and for documents used in a court case.



Translations for information English <> French

I offer translation for information services from English into French and from French into English. Translations for information are reserved for texts that are not going to be published (whether on the web or in print), don’t have any marketing value nor legal consequences. 



French Copyediting

You write in French and you would like your text to be reviewed. You do the writing, I’ll do the copyediting.


Language coaching (to improve your written French)

You write in French and would like your written French to flow better, to be more concise.

Or you just want to improve. I can help.

Let me know what you want to achieve, and we’ll come up with a customised service.

There is more information on each dedicated Service subpage. My credentials are listed on the About page. 

Do you need help with your French translations?

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