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I help…

  • people and businesses who want to connect with their French audience through the translation of their message, their story, what they want to share in French ;
  • legal practitioners get the French translations they need, professionally done, certified if needed, within the time frame we have agreed on;
  • individuals navigate the intricacies of certified translations.

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I am passionate about facilitating communication between Australian and French people.

Building bridges

I may have been living in Australia since 2002, I still remain deeply French at heart. With an Australian husband and a Franco-Australian daughter, building bridges between Australia and France, between the languages and the cultures, is an everyday commitment. And this is why I translate. I am passionate about facilitating communication between Australian and French people – starting right at home with my family!

I am…

  • curious by nature (dubbed “Miss Why” by my grandmother) and I like to understand the context around a translation;
  • interested in people, their stories, their projects, their dreams;
  • sensitive to the issues that we currently face on a global level, and looking at ways my business and my services can be part of the solution.

I have developed an interest in…

  • holistic well-being,
  • organic cosmetics,
  • aromatherapy,
  • yoga,
  • mindful working,
  • transpersonal development,
  • neuroplasticity,
  • entrepreneurship,
  • permaculture,
  • wine,
  • sustainable tourism and lifestyle…
  • In other words, anything that can help us enjoy a fulfilled life, find and express our own voices while caring for our planet.

Translation of Australian legal documents

Along the way, I have also become intrigued by the differences between the Australian and the French legal systems, which has lead me to study legal translation.


Certified by NAATI, a member of the Australian Institute for Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT), and a qualified legal translator, I use all my resources to achieve the level of quality I like to deliver.

Education and Qualifications

  • NAATI (Australian) certification (no CPN1NP56R) as a professional English-to-French translator (since 2009)
  • Qualified English-to-French legal translator
  • Business Law for Translators and French civil procedure , in French, with Leglosa
  • Maitrise (4-year degree) in Applied Languages (English and German) from the Lyon III University in France

Caroline is very professional and continuously seeks to update her skills and knowledge as a translator.

Adele Anderson

Editor and translator

Caroline is a skilled, reliable and professional translator with an eye for detail and willing to go the extra mile for clients. Highly recommended!

Nicole Y. Adams


When I’m not working,

I enjoy spending time with myfamily, practising yoga, walking, reading(from novels to books on translation, entrepreneurship, transpersonal development), listening to podcasts, keeping abreast with what is happening in France, and simply enjoying life. And spending time in Franceand getting a full cultural bath. That includes visiting friends, family and places I cherish of course. But also checking new magazines, new shops, raiding my favourite bookshops, enjoying a French croissant with a coffee, making the most of the French food I love, and just walking in the streets taking in my home country. 

Caroline has been providing English into French translation services to us for over 5 years. In that time, she has shown an unparalleled commitment to her work and she has been incredibly easy to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to others who are in need of a world-class translation service.

Costa Vasili

CEO, EthnoLink Language Services

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