French translator in South Australia

Australian legal documents • Marketing, editorial content • Certified translations

Qualifications • Reliability • Peace of mind

Born and bred in France,
I now live in
South Australia.

A qualified translator, I focus on
Australian legal documents
and marketing/editorial content.

As a NAATI-certified translator, I can
deliver certified translations for official purposes

Two languages and two cultures

I have been living in Australia with my Australian husband since 2002 and I am still deeply French at heart. Translating from English into French is part of who I am, practicing both languages and navigating both cultures on a daily basis.  

Working together

As a French native speaker and professional translator living in Australia, I help:

  • small and medium businesses sell their products and services to a French audience through the translation of their marketing, editorial or web content ;
  • legal practitioners get the French translations they need, professionally done, certified if needed, within the time frame we have agreed on;
  • individuals navigate the intricacies of certified translations.

I especially like to work with businesses:

  • involved in well-being: physical, mental, emotional or environmental (for example: organic cosmetics and food, permaculture, sustainable tourism);
  • interested in creative ways of rising to our environmental challenges;
  • supporting people to live a fulfilled life, find and express their own voice (including neuroplasticity, coaching, yoga, mindfulness, etc.);

with a focus on sustainability and consciousness.

I have found that peace of mind makes me more efficient as I can then focus on what is important, for my clients and for my business. Translations fit for purpose. Agreed deadlines met. Communication when needed.


Certified by NAATI, a member of the Australian Institute for Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT), and a qualified legal translator, I use all my resources to achieve the level of quality I like to deliver.

Education and Qualifications

  • NAATI (Australian) certification (no CPN1NP56R) as a professional English-to-French translator (since 2009)
  • Qualified English-to-French legal translator
  • Business Law for Translators and French civil procedure , in French, with Leglosa
  • Maitrise (4-year degree) in Applied Languages (English and German) from the Lyon III University in France

How did it start?

I landed in Australia in 2002 with my Australian husband-to-be. After making the most of our life in the South of France, enjoying the wonderful lifestyle, landscape, and light, now was the time to start afresh. A daughter and a dream later, I decided to combine my corporate experience, cultural awareness, knowledge, experience in translation, and my love for the French language to create my boutique translation business.

To find out how I can help with your French translations,

And now?

I am curious  by nature (dubbed “Miss Why” by my grand-mother), and I like to keep learning and to go deeper in some topics. I like to understand how things work.

I am especially interested in areas linked to well-being, organic cosmetics, aromatherapy, organic produce, permaculture, sustainable tourism, neuroplasticity, coaching, entrepreneurship, efficiency, as well as everything that helps people live a fulfilled life, find and express their own voice while respecting our planet.

Having lived in France and Australia, I have also developed an interest for their different legal systems, which has lead me to study legal translation.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, practicing yoga, walking, traveling to France, reading, listening to podcasts, keeping abreast with what is happening in France, and simply enjoying lifeI also appreciate good food and wine!

Caroline is very professional and continuously seeks to update her skills and knowledge as a translator.

Adele Anderson

Editor and translator

Caroline is a skilled, reliable and professional translator with an eye for detail and willing to go the extra mile for clients. Highly recommended!

Nicole Y. Adams


Caroline has been providing English into French translation services to us for over 5 years. In that time, she has shown an unparalleled commitment to her work and she has been incredibly easy to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to others who are in need of a world-class translation service.

Costa Vasili

CEO, EthnoLink Language Services

I would like to express my gratitude for your service and professionalism! The letter I sent you was copy-edited in a very fast and accurate way and I am really pleased with the result. I also found really helpful receiving separately your notes and comments, as it gave me the chance to learn from my mistakes. It has been a pleasure for me to deal with you!

Matteo Marangon

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