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Australian legal documents

Marketing, editorial, web content
Certified translations

Translation as a communication tool.

Australian legal documents:
who are you communicating with?
the judiciary (I’ll mirror the layout of the source document),
website users, customers, partners, legal practitioners?

Marketing, editorial and web content:
the focus is on your French audience taking your message to heart

Translations fit for purpose delivered with care
 Qualifications Reliability

How can I help you?

Translations fit for purpose are translations that are
adapted to what you need. 

To find out how I can help with your French translations,

 I am Caroline Sanders,

a NAATI-certified professional translator and a qualified legal translator,
I am French and I live in South Australia.
I love using my skills to build bridges between Australia and France,
to convey your editorial message into French, and
to professionally translate the Australian legal documents you need to send to your French contacts.

Australian legal documents

  • business law documents
  • family law documents
  • court documents
  • deeds

Marketing, editorial and web content

  • get your message across to a French audience,
  • marketing or editorial content,
  • website content.

NAATI-certified translations

  • certificates
  • personal documents
  • legal documents

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