English-to-French translations

Australian legal documents & marketing/editorial content

Qualifications – Reliability – Peace of mind


Professional translations fit for purpose — with peace of mind.

You need translations into French, of Australian legal or personal documents, or of marketing/editorial content, and maybe they need to be certified.

Imagine knowing that you will receive your translations back at the agreed time, that they will be fit for purpose, and that any issue will have been discussed beforehand.

This is the service that I offer. Because I like peace of mind — for my clients and for myself. Translations fit for purpose. Agreed deadlines respected. Communication when needed.

My name is Caroline Sanders. I am French, I am a professional translator, and I live in Australia.

Translations fit for purpose

  • I am qualified (see the About and the various Translation pages) and, as a French native person living in Australia, I notice linguistic and cultural differences.
  • I ask about the purpose of the translation and about its intended audience.
  • If you have specific requests (a glossary for an ongoing project, correcting the proofs before printing, or proofreading before publication the text your web designer has prepared), just let me know when you send me the documents.

Agreed deadlines respected

  • I will send a quote before starting any project, and I mention a turnaround time that is confirmed at the time of order.

Communication when needed

  • If I have any question or issue with the translation, I will ask you.
  • If you want to keep in touch during the translation process, just let me know.

Translation of Australian legal documents into French

What I do:

I translate business law documents, for example, contracts, agreements, documents for business partners, the French administration or courts. I also translate court documents, mainly in the fields of business law and family law, as well as wills, powers of attorney, and other deeds.

Why you can trust my services:

I am a qualified English-to-French legal translator and a NAATI-certified translator. I am French, I live in Australia, and I have been running my translation business for 10 years.

Do you want to get your message across to a French audience?

Do you need some of your marketing or editorial content to be translated into French?

Or maybe it is your website that you want to have translated, or updated, in French?

This is what I do. I am a French native speaker and professional translator. My goal is to transfer your message in fluent French in a way that will catch your reader’s attention for all the good reasons.

Do you need to have certificates or personal or legal documents translated into French with a NAATI certification?

As a NAATI-certified translator, I can deliver certified translations.

I work best in an open collaboration with my clients, when I understand what the translation is intended to achieve.

Do you have Australian legal documents or marketing/editorial content that need to be translated into French?

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