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South Australia

Building bridges between Australia and France

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My clients want to communicate in French with their French audience. With this goal in mind, they ask me to translate their message, their legal or marketing documents, their web or editorial content into French. Together, we are building bridges between Australia and France.

I am French, a NAATI-certified professional translator, and I have been formally trained as an English-to-French legal translator.

Living in South Australia with my Australian husband and our Franco-Australian daughter, the French language has always kept a lead role in my life. It is my privilege to help my clients overcome language barriers with their French audience. 

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

Nelson Mandela

If you want to work with me, get a quote for a translation, or if you have any question, send me an email to:


Translations for publication from English to French (marketing, editorial)

This is what you publish (whatever the medium) and what you communicate about. In this case, the focus is on your French audience taking your message to heart; it is about content and form. Read more

Types of content translated: website content, LinkedIn profile, "our story", brochures, presentations, newsletters, blog posts, press releases, terms of use, policy statements.

Translation of Australian legal documents into French

Who are you communicating with? The judiciary? In this case, I'll mirror the layout of the source document. Or is it website users, customers, partners, or legal practitioners? The translation will take your audience into account. Read more

Types of documents translated: contracts, deeds, powers of attorney, affidavits, business law documents, family law documents, court documents.

Certified translations from English to French

Some translations required for official purposes need to be NAATI-certified, for example: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, consent orders, parenting orders, decrees of dissolution of marriage, death certificates, ASIC database extracts. Read more

Translations for information English <> French

A translation for information focuses mainly on content and less on form. As it is not polished, it is not suited for publication, nor is it certified. Read more
From English into French or vice versa.

French copy-editing

Copyediting implies checking spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax at sentence level - no significant rewriting of the French text. However, I am happy to adapt my services to my clients' needs. Let me know what you exactly need and we'll come up with a solution.Read more

Translations fit for purpose are
adapted to what you want to achieve,
and to what your French audience needs.

If you need more information, my qualifications and credentials are listed on the About page.


As a member of AUSIT, I am bound by the principle of confidentiality. Regardless of whether I undertake the translation of your documents or not, they will remain confidential. You can also read my Privacy Policy here.

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